WordPress Plugins

I wanted to write a run down on some of the plugins I use for WordPress. Not only on this site but collectively through the years there have been plugins that work and plugins that sort-of work, but don’t work as well as they should and will probably give you a head ache because trust me this sentence is way out of control. Whew.

Before I run down all the plugins I can remember, I should probably put out the ones I have running on this site first. Listed in from the oldest to the most recent plugin I’ve installed:

Contact Form 7

– It’s pretty simple to grasp and very effective. Like all the other plugins I have running on my site, this one is free. Features include all the form options you’d expect, response messages and reCAPTCHA.


– Ok, just deployed this pluin but have been using it over 2 years. Should have put this in a long time ago as I recently struggled with a client being hacked. Features include a nifty dashboard, a firewall (need to enable this after activation), scanning and login security. Reports emailed to admin.

Yoast SEO

– Although WordPress already handles SEO much better than an old static site (REF), it doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of “umpf.” Features include a dashboard that gives an SEO score

Responsive Lightbox

– I wasn’t expecting much from this plugin. I have spent days in CSS and JavaScript with sliders in the past, but this did the trick. Features include general layout settings, support for WooCommerce, swipe, and image linking. I should note that I just turned this on, used a custom post type and then let it do it’s tricks. I haven’t fully explored this plugin.


– This one is amazing. Stop what you’re doing and use this. If you have high traffic, be aware that this can pull time away from all other projects and consume your life. It’s free up to 500 contacts. All viewers on the site have the ability to live chat with you. You capture contact info and it will log your conversations. It also lets you know where the user is on the site and their IP address. Very powerful.


– A WPMU product that may or may not be free at the time of reading this. This plugin offers insight on your site and where you can make improvements. I ran a test by compressing about 12 images and the score changed from me compressing images. Features include a dashboard, minification and caching.