WordCamp Day 1

I’m at WordCamp. I’m at an Air BnB which could second as a horror movie set location. But it’s filled with cool people so I don’t mind the faucet fixture falling off in my hand.

That’s 100$ a night I save.

A guess I should back up since I was happy about having my car back. Yeah, so that was only half the story. It stalled yesterday at work while I tried to go to lunch. Went to the mechanic instead. He looked at it and dried something off?Drove it to get gas. Stalled again. I wanted to cry.

I planned this 10 months ago – no way my damn car is going to screw me like this. So I too it back to the mechanic again. He said that it had a wet coil pad. Okay. So I got in it and just started driving. Got half way down SR 20 (Georgia) and wouldn’t you know traffic just stopped? I had to reroute threw a huge cloud of fog on SR 140.  After that things started to get better.

I hauled some serious butt in order to catch up in time to make it into Nashville last night. I parked at the convention center and picked up my badge, and then made my way back to the Record House (air BnB).

Woke up this morning and jumped in my car. I got to the volunteer orientation with coffee in my hand and toured the “camp.” This place is huge. Watched the morning presentations and met a few people. Then I worked the registration desk. I was joking around with a very nice lady from Houston (Scotland) when Matt just walked up.

So I’m here at the Air bnb. I’m tired but so excited. Damn, now I’m hooked and will probably start going to more of these.

Time for bed.

Or whatever that thing is I slept on.