WCUS Wrap Up

I ran into a few familiar faces in Nashville – Brad and Cathy, from our neck of the woods.

It was nice to see some people that I’ve already met in Meetups. Brad runs the meetup in Alpharetta and both are involved with Atlanta WordCamp. I’m starting to think I need to be there – not sure if I should volunteer this time or just go as an attendee. Would love to volunteer as help desk / troubleshooter but I know that may land me wherever.

In hindsight – as most useful ideas usually occur – I think there should have been a discussion about horrible plugins/themes and maybe slowly had it scroll down the screen projection. The applause would have been deafening.

One repeat offender that came up (in my discussions with attendees) is Visual Composer. I’m in a “situation” right now that involves Visual Composer (now “WP Bakery Pagethingy”) where the theme not only requires it but controls the updates.

So, let me expand on that and shed some light on some ugly crap you can avoid. The theme is Jupiter, brought to you by Artbees. Don’t purchase.

Wow – sorta went off on a tangent there, huh? I’ll be taking a close look at the Atlanta WordCamp site and have already signed up for the next Meetup here in Woodstock.
Seeya there.