I’ll be volunteering at the upcoming WCUS held in Nashville. But it won’t be so easy. I’ve totally dropped off with writing lately. I had a house full of refugees for the hurricane, relatives visiting for the summer and I’m gonna top that off with car troubles. Our van had around $1k of air conditioning fixed. Now my Honda is limping by with a bad head gasket. Full disclosure: I suck at knowing stuff about cars. I know there are spark plugs and a battery and wheels. Kinda sad I suppose.

So I either have a head gasket replaced or I take car coolant with me on the trip and monitor my car the whole drive. My mechanic would probably laugh if he read this. Damn. Can’t take Lyft all the way to Nashville. Car rental? Might as well. Regardless, I’m going to Nashville and I will be volunteering too, which, I really don’t know what I’ll be doing there. It just makes me happy as all get out. The local meetups were great so I’m thinking the national WordCamp is going to blow my mind.

If you haven’t already, there’s a hangout that can be viewed on YouTube.