Visual Composer

Some of the extended widgets available through visual composer.

If you haven’t had the absolute joy of using Visual Composer, the chances are you may not be developing websites for a living. I would guess that a lot of business owners are using it with the site that has been handed off to them from a design firm. So what is Visual Composer? Great question, author!

It is a WordPress plugin that allows users to layout thier pages with rows, columns, functional widgets, text blocks (which can also handle code), and more. By the term, “user,” I am referring to someone who has no design or development experience. Here’s thier video:

It’s not the perfect solution for all your needs but it does everything it says in that video. 1 million users? Not bad.

One thing to remember is that it uses bootstrap. And with that, you have a slow load speed. In my opinion, the payoff is worth it. We aren’t talking about hours or months here, a second at most. I’m not complaining about bootstrap, in fact; I tweeted about thier new version coming out.

It’s absolutely vital to know that bootstrap and visual composer are not geared for beginners. If you have a really good understanding of both then go for it. I’ve had trip ups with bootstrap’s documentation in the past, but was able to dig into the jQuery and figure out how to implement it. I promise I don’t suck, these things happen unless you’re Elon Musk.

I think the trend that appears is themes use this plugin and it is left to the customer to figure out the details of visual composer. That could potentially be a headache for some people if they have zero experience with WordPress or the plugin.

A lot of factors to consider.