Scaling New Heights 2017

So if you read my post from 2016 about Scaling New Heights, you knew I was a tab bit emotional. It was a 7 month buildup; from being hired, all the way to Atlantis, Bahamas. It was crazy as I was overloaded at the conference and averaged around 18 hours of work a day. One night, the night I wrote that post and I’ve come even further in a year. Also, all that work last year, was totally my choice. I had a crazy experience and now, I’m getting ready to do it again.

So what have I been up to for that whole year? Great question (said introspectively but somehow not, because I’m typing it out)!

I researched the best options for network/forum sites. I ended up chosing WordPress (go figure) with BBPress and BuddyPress. I learned sooooo much and, in the end, felt pretty good about the result. Unfortionately I was beat out by Microsoft’s Yammer, which is very much like facebook. No shame in that I suppose. I will be reusing that though to build another network but that will take a very long time and for a different purpose.

Uh, just going to put down that I had a lot. There were (at this time, lol) 23 print projects with over 200 versions completed before today. That doesn’t include email, website and presentation projects.

So I pulled out the ol’ pen and paper and got back to my roots – design. Each year Scaling New Heights has a different theme that Joe announces on stage, and this year, he gave me a chance to design it. When he saw it, he said he got the chills. Mission accomplished.

So Joe asked for a chat option for the site. Again, did research, came up with this really cool plugin called Drift, installed it, and away we went. Far exceeding the investment, we have

So, last year, I got some OTJ training with Adobe Premiere and AV. I worked along with Varvid on a series called Tech Makeover. I did some animation work on episode 3. Also found a cool addtion to my tool box: OBS.

I also attended some meetups in Alpharetta to meet like-minded people but I think I need to quickly transition into a b2b group instead of a like-minded group.