Reinventing the Press

It’s funny how we use the phrase “reinventing the wheel” as a derogatory term. This leads to hesitation in redesigning or redeveloping anything due to the amount of time and effort used to create something that already exists. There is logic to that end but it also prohibits improving things that need improvement.

After Matt’s keynote speech I thought a lot about the response from the community and how it would affect our platform moving forward. How would this affect my theme development? Would layouts have to be recreated? Scale that to the millions of developers and websites and it’s hard to brush it off as a simple update or upgrade.

I think the silver lining might be that G-Berg addresses a demand for a page layout system that doesn’t break every time it is updated. I’m speaking from experience – at 5:20 in the morning I was unable to update a site due to a themes dependency on WPbakery’s layout plugin. Furthermore I have been going in circles with the theme developers.

Would G-burg be the solution for this? Will it answer all my questions or at least help the rest of the community that can’t code page templates?

All I can do is continue to do what I’ve done before, and hope for the best. Ultimately, I am not pessimistic. If I have to redesign sites, then that’s okay. That’s sort of what I signed up for and I enjoy it.

I’m working on a theme. It will be custom, bare bones theme. I hope this can help me in the future.