The Rabbit Hole of Page Layout Plugins

With all do respect to visual composer and the many options for WordPress page layout plugins; my head hurts. I hate to admit this but I was thinking about it while driving. Thinking about work instead of driving with my head out the window as my tongue flops in the breeze is sort of sad. Sadness aside, I came to the conclusion that any plugin/program/app/grocery store that doesn’t improve your process is doomed to be replaced.

It happened to MS Paint.

I think that is the burden of using open-source software. You don’t always know what you’re getting into but because it’s free there’s minimal risk. That’s not factoring in time spent on researching lousy solutions. There’s an amount of uncertainty but there is also hope. If you like exploring and discovering new things you have to wander into uncharted waters.

I suppose that’s how I found Page Builder by SiteOrigin. Actually I wasn’t exploring the new world or anything. I was looking at another page layout plugin called Beaver Builder. Don’t Google that.

The plugin is minimal but powerful and can quickly handle simple tasks which other plugins fail to do. Say for instance moving rows up and down in the layout. Out of the box it comes with image, text block, audio player, image gallery, search, post carousel, video and calendar widgets that are drag-and-droppable. Did I mention that it doesn’t glitch all over the damn place when moving rows up and down. Not that I’m bitter. The UX is simple but clean.

I don’t use a page layout plugin on my site but I have other plans for this.