In other words, these are a few of the things I've created.

Scaling New Heights

I used 2 stock photos and created the dark background for this convention theme. The text is comprised out of machine parts (60 parts selected and arranged) gathered from the internet with reuse rights.


Very simple concept. I grabbed an American flag from an image search. In Illustrator I used image trace to create the vector image with text. This was then used on tee-shirts, stickers, signs and his website.


Hickory Flat Cares

Another Illustrator job. I entered this logo into a contest at my church a long time ago. It was selected as the winner and then the person in charge of the program asked me to change the font. I did but you’re viewing the original. Another case of “client is designer.”



After a good break from designing, I felt the itch for creating a logo and didn’t have a client to create one for so I made this up. 3 options – 2 horizontal and 1 vertical. Used Illustrator to
alter font and had fun with compound paths.



Site for the Woodard Company. Incorporates an eCommerce shop and a sub-site for their national training conference. Site uses pre-existing theme and visual composer.




CSG Advisors

This is the perfect example of a project that only went uphill (Inward Solutions). There were design changes from the client who do not design as professionals, layout adjustments from the client after approval and navigation changes. Design by Evan Kuntz and the client.





This site is an old version of the medical company I worked for. This is the 3rd redesign I created for the site which uses a simple drop down menu using ajax and some flash in the banners.

Visit archived site



Mayor Belle Isle

This site is a redesign of a very old layout. There was budget constrains in the campaign or this project fell through some other way. 6 page layout for WordPress. The design repeats the colors in the logo, includes a slider for city statistics and a blog for the Mayor.



Senator John Albers

I did not design this layout. The site uses a custom, modified theme that incorporates Visual Composer. I worked directly with the client with this project.




Concord Consulting

A project completely redesigned and built from a bare theme. Made this site while working at Inward Solutions.
I created the logo for the company and kept the black and yellow color scheme. All photography is stock.




Flowers by Lesley

Site redesign for Lesley Tweed in Orlando, FL. She has an extensive collection of photography which I displayed in a slider plugin called Meta Slider. The theme is created from bare bones (underscores.me). Each page uses floral photography in the banner and the blog is where she posts her wedding projects.




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