New Bootstrap Version and Other Oddities

Going to run down a few things I saw on the ol’ web recently. Bootstrap has a solid place in the realm of web development and the fine people at Twitter are pushing out a new version. That can be found here. I’m working on eCommerce at the day job there’s a lot of research. That lead me to find a good website (Sorry, can only share with members) which also led me to this fun little video:

Also, there are new interfaces with Google Analytics and GoDaddy. Speaking of GoDaddy – I wrote a post regarding hosting. Since that post I’ve noticed an uptick in prices with my current provider / GoDaddy. Their sales tactics are becoming more evident, even with their support staff. So now I’m faced with the decision of whether to leave and find a new host or stick it out and pay more money. So there’s that.

But enough gripping. I’d love to leave you with some good news. The future has arrived and we’re all going to love our new role as pets to robots! Ok, perhaps a bit too dramatic. But the future did show it’s face and I got really excited watching this. It’s hard to tell how fast it’s going but you have to keep an eye on the bottom left hand corner of the video where the wheel is. You know the vehicle achieves lift when the wheel stops turning. Hyperloop will become a reality but there’s no info on projected routes, destinations or completion.