Hurricane Irma

So the category 4 hurricane that was known as Irma, which ripped through the Caribbean this month, made it’s way up to us here in North Atlanta. Most of my family and in-laws are in Florida and so we were all on edge. My parents live in central Florida and my wife’s parents are in the Tampa Bay area. My Sister in law and my Mother in law got on a plane with my niece and nephew and flew up to spend a week with us. It was a bit crowded and there was an uneasy feeling as we watched the weather pattern over and over on the news.

Things turned up fine though. We got a little bit of rain. My family only had minimal damage to their abodes (I had to use abode for scrabble points). I had to work from home – which is actually not ideal when there are kids running around – but not a bad scenario. So I’m just giving everyone an update and not to worry, as I’m fine.

I know you were concerned.  : )