Greater Expectations

Just read an article in Medium that is so relevant it’s like Mandy was stalking me in the back seat of my car when doing an over-the-phone interview with a third party skill verifier (is there a title for those people?) and being asked questions about deprecated CSS. Ok, the first part of that sentence was made up but the second part is real. I was also asked about JavaScript. I thought I did pretty good but honestly it’s not my go-to language and I use it sparingly. It’s great though.

Everyone loves it and you’re black listed if you don’t.

So, yeah – are you worthless if you’re not a JS programming wizard?

Shit no! A lot of people that wandered into our field are designers, illustrators and animators who are lured by the shiny blinking awesomeness that is the internet. Give me someone who understands HTML and CSS and I will gladly teach them PHP or JS. Knowing JS doesn’t make someone a problem solver. JS does not give you design / layout skills or the imagination to come up with new material.

I can’t stand this fucking attitude of “good luck with that,” and; I personally experienced (literally was told “Sink or swim dude”) it. I would never encourage or accept that shit, on a team, if asked to lead one. It’s so damn rude and unacceptable. We don’t expect a trophy for succeeding but I’m sure there’s a nice place in hell for those who turn their back on others trying to follow us.

That’s not ok. It’s not cool and it’s not leading. As for me, I’ll teach others.

I am not an island and only accept credit for the designs on my sight but even those are a collected effort of others helping me get to where I am. Side note about that over-the-phone interview – it was in the parking lot during my lunch break 3 years ago while I tried to get hired out of a web-page sweatshop where others didn’t help me learn.  Not that I’m bitter or anything.