Fix. Refresh. Upload. Repeat.

So, if you haven’t already, please check out my last post where Andrew Nacin lays it all out on the table. That should give you an idea of what I do. I would stress the topic he covers about communicating to others who don’t understand a bit about what we do. I am not talking down here – just pointing out a difference between us and trying to do so without the typical tech attitude. The communication needs to happen. He’s so right about needing to “ask the right questions.”

So, there’s that. It’s like a kindred spirit was up there. Someone from a bar in California I met once in the Marines and then, “Beep! Oh yeah, I remember you!” 15 years later . . .

As I’m writing this, I’m updating a site. I’m waiting for a backup to finish before I begin the second phase and either retry to update a broken plugin or delete it all together and re-connect it through the theme. I recently helped 2 people out with a problem I troubleshot a year ago. I met them at WordCamp. It was so great to help – I really really needed that. I needed to pass along what I can to someone else.

I decided to delete it, by-the-way.

I’m working on a document. It popped into my head on Saturday night (I had elected to drive home instead of going to the after-party as I could not sleep in that hole rented via AirBnB) as I drove down I-24 through the middle of Tennessee. Unfortunately, it’s another one of those secret projects I like to keep under my hat. So one day, I’ll just launch it and post here without fan fare or confetti.

I won’t leave you with that. That would be cruel I suppose. Star Wars drops on Friday. Now to tag Star Wars for SEO purposes.

Update is done. Theme plugin install was the way to go.