Diamonds Are Forever

In February, I came across an article from a website from facebook. Having no faith in things I see on facebook, I tracked down the article (on Second Nexus website [] ) which in turn pointed to the University of Bristol. A little more digging led me to the Cabot Institute at the University and the article.

Totally true. There’s an amazing video that breaks it down into a nifty cartoon for us idiots. The research paper is published along with a prototype. Prototype – not theoretical science, but actual proven science.

Jaw is now unattached.

The jist is they heat the graphite (a form of carbon) to a vapor form and that is then treated with more heat which (I assume) crystallizes the gas and out comes a diamond. That diamond is encased in a protective outer layer. No radiation.

Here’s the icing on top of the yellow cake : it emits a small electrical charge. 1 diamond is slightly less than a double A battery. I’m unsure of the process, but that may be controllable and perhaps a different output could be achieved.

It’s important to note the process does not eliminate all of the nuclear waste. It, however, does eliminate a large portion of it.

I’m totally excited right now!