Counting Down

I’m so excited! I even bouught this hat – HA! It’s going to be awesome. I’ve gone down the check list for the volunteer’s and signed the soul-binding agreement. So I’m counting down and there are 8 days left until I push off and head up the road to Nashville. Really excited about that.

The car will have to be fixed next week if I’m to make the trip. I have an annonymous benefactor who has stepped in to help with the funds. The head gasket is $900. Renting a car these days is more than 200 for 3/4 days so that’s not a good solution. Pfttt! We have a local mechanic and he’s really reliable so I’ll be taking it in first thing on Monday after Turkey-Fest 17! TURKEY-SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!

I’d like to do an event – and since there’s no time between now and Dec. 1st, I’ll have to do it afterwards. I’d like to do a walk through of installing guttenberg. Not sure if I can do a live event in this small ammount of time. In fact I should probably promote it on twitter, do the sign up thing, blah blah blah. You’d think I’d be sick of wanting to do these things after 8 hours everyday at the office. Guess not. So yeah, lets do that. I’ll, hopefully, have a better walk through plan in place and this time we’re gonna go live! And by “we” I mean “me!”