Bathtubs and Whatnot

Ok, so I didn’t use the actual name of the corrupted file for the title but it includes the word “maladaptive” and then the other word in this post’s title that deals with cleaning. Don’t want the authors of this crap to find me. Oh, by the way, this post is about a hacked client…

So I downloaded the list of files that were bad (supplied by GoDaddy) and started chiseling away. Some of the files I deleted (because I know they weren’t in a main directory) and other files I downloaded (ewwww). Yes, I have 4 corrupted files on my system now. Scary stuff.

So I removed the 4 files in question on the client’s server.

Removing the files listed by GoDaddy didn’t work – I also tried fixing the HTACCESS file and that was where everything went south. The site is now down. UURRGGGGHHHHH!

I hate hackers.

I now have to completely wipe this site and re-upload everything to the server with a fresh install and the theme (glad I still have that) after I go and get the client’s uploads. I also have to call the host. FUN!