All in One

To follow up on my last post and all the drama that goes with it, I will have to professionally omit some truth and jump right into my review of the All in One WP Migration plugin. Need a simple and easy to use migration tool? Need to move your site from one host to another and pull everything down and put it back up somewhere else? Files and database – All in One WP Migration does just that. And it’s ridiculously fast. I only tried one form of pull down but it offers up to 7 options (including FTP? Nice). It also has a 8 filters to leave out spam, post revisions and even the database if you were so inclined.

So I used this and literally relaunched a site in a matter of 20 minutes. If needed though I imagine it would take less time as I sometimes get distracted by squirrels.

This gets my full endorsement – not only for migrating a site, but I will be using it to back up my site on a regular basis.

So what’s with that omit thing? The truth is ugly. It makes me look bad and it could take about 2 weeks of straight typing to catch you up. Earlier I posted about outtages and a racket. I really believe that to be the case and I would love to sit down or take a call with anyone about our situation but I can’t drop details here.

All I can do is move forward.

All the frustration that I just went through is important. I take what I can from the process and try to refine the way forward. I keep learning. At the end of the day I can now say I am no longer a GoDaddy customer and now happily settled with Bluehost. I had more than a few good service calls that got me back to where I needed to be. More thought is needed on this and I’ll be going over it again and again until December.

Oh Crap – It’s almost December!