Adobe Again

So – I’ve been using Adobe for over 25. I’ve had my ups and downs with the company but mostly ups. It’s such a power set of programs that there really is no match. Until recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t afford the software – $75 a month is a bit steep but not if you’re pulling in huge truck loads of cash – sweet, filthy, cold-hard cash. I can affirm that I haven’t seen those trucks yet: still looking.

But I was graciously commissioned by an anonymous donor with enough mullah to get going.

So here’s the plan – one month at a time – costs more per month but I save in the long run by not having an active account for a whole year. I’m not trying to swindle anyone here / I just can’t commit up-front to the $600. That’s a lotta dough. But I did commit. And so I’m happy to announce – I have (another) account with Adobe. Yes, “another,” because I had the CS1 waaaayyyy back in the day. It was a college graduation gift from Mom and Dad. Love those two.

So here we go. Another blank canvas in front of me. Another fun path to run down, screaming and intoxicated, but in a professional and safe manner. What do I do first? I’ve already downloaded PS, Illustrator and Bridge. I have a theme to develop but no cool-looking graphics for place holders.

So as that unfolds, I also have a few things to point out – Firefox has a new logo, new update (which is noticeably faster, if only slightly so) and Uber is still having issues. That and it’s been snowing mostly all day so the end is near for us in Woodstock, GA. Sort of a joke/reference to our little “snowmageddon” here in Georgia during the 2017 winter. Have a good weekend.