Well here we are. End of the year and, surprisingly, we’re all still in one piece. If you’re anything like me, you’re a little bruised and battered from this year. It hasn’t gone smoothly.

There’s some good stuff to look back on – OBS (which I’ve done very little with), trapping nuclear waste in diamonds, my artwork at our national conference, a new layout plugin that ISN’T visual decomposer and my first WordCamp which happened to be WordCamp US.

There were some horrible things that happened also. Normally, the optomistic, up-beat part of would filter this out but I had a hard time at work with our site. I also got a kick in the gut when I found out my cousin, Colin, was diagnosed with cancer. He’s been fighting for his life for over 6 months. My mom and I went up to visit in Harrisburg, which was a really good trip, besides the circumstance.

After all these things I still am thrilled to work at Woodard. I still don’t have a boss. I still have a job even though we took a hit with the site. I managed, what was a huge hurtle, in connecting our e-commerce to a merchant service gateway.

And while I pleaded with everyone to fight our government, we still got a gut punch in that Net Neutrality was yanked out from under us. Rather than complain about it, I have just the thing in mind. I’ve been working on it since Nashville. I intend to launch in January.

See you in 2018.

UPDATE – It’s now 2018. No launch yet, but here’s a color swatch I have in Adobe. Sign up here if you’d like to get access to the site (which is still in development).